Introducing Doctors


Director, Ken Clinic
Ken Okuzawa, M.D., Ph.D.

[ Profile ]
Graduated from Tokyo Medical University
Graduated from Tokyo Medical University Graduate College
Tokyo Medical University, First Department of Surgery, Assistant professor
Karolinska Institute and Hospital, Sweden
Yarita Hospital, Staff Doctor
Kyoundo Hospital (affiliate of Sasaki Foundation) Respiratory Unit, Staff Doctor
Akishima Hospital (Social Welfare Organization, Imperial Gift Foundation), Chief Physician
Sanno Hospital, Respiratory Disease Center, Chief Physician
International University of Health and Welfare, Clinical Medicine Center, Associate Professor
Nagasaki University, Institute of Tropical Medicine

[ Why I am in Cambodia ]
Maybe because Taizo Ichinose a photo journalist who was shot and killed in Angkor Wat and I share the same blood. His mother and mine are cousins.

[ My motto ]
God helps those who help themselves.

About our Logo Mark


1、The base is the flag of Cambodia.
2、The crest of snake around the cane (Rod of Asclepius) was what the Physicist Asclepius in Greek Mythology held in his hand which symbolizes Medicine.
3、The Red eye of the white snake symbolizes Japanese flag.