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Director, Ken Clinic

Ken Okuzawa M.D.,Ph.D.

[ Profile ]
• Graduated from Tokyo Medical University
• Graduated from Tokyo Medical University Graduate College
• Tokyo Medical University, First Department of Surgery, Assistant professor
• Karolinska Institute and Hospital, Sweden
• Yarita Hospital, Staff Doctor
• Kyoundo Hospital (affiliate of Sasaki Foundation) Respiratory Unit, Staff Doctor
• Akishima Hospital (Social Welfare Organization, Imperial Gift Foundation), Chief Physician
• Sanno Hospital, Respiratory Disease Center, Chief Physician
• International University of Health and Welfare, Clinical Medicine Center, Associate Professor
• Nagasaki University, Institute of Tropical Medicine


[ Why I am in Cambodia ]

Maybe because Taizo Ichinose a photo journalist who was shot and killed in Angkor Wat and I share the same blood. His mother and mine are cousins.


[ My motto ]

God helps those who help themselves.



#14A, St.370, Sangkat Boeng Keng Kong 1 (BKK1), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


+855 (0)23 223843 (Japanese)
+855 (0)23 223844 (English/Khmer)

Opening hours

Mon – Sat,
8:30am-1pm / 3pm-7pm