What we believe in the most

Washing Hands

We are very strict in the practice of washing hands. We wash hands before and after seeing or treating each patient.

Cleanliness First

In order to provide the most clean and comfortable atmosphere, not only every morning but between seeing patients we sweep up and wipe up the waiting room and the consultation room. We also clean up toilets every hour.


Saying “Hello” or “please take care” is a common sense, but saying them wholeheartedly makes difference. We and our staff always say those magic words with their whole heart in the hope that the patients will get better as soon as possible and that they will leave our clinic with satisfaction.


We try to explain openly and communicate as much as possible to patients to remove their concern or fear. Doctor’s chair is only as high as the Patient’s so to help remind doctor to see things the way patients do.


We always warm up the stethoscope by rubbing it against the coat to avoid patients to feel sudden coldness on the skin.



#14A, St.370, Sangkat Boeng Keng Kong 1 (BKK1), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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+855 (0)23 223844 (English/Khmer)