Other Treatments Recommended by Dr. Ken

Moist Wound Healing Method

What is the latest treatment of wound called “Moist Wound Healing Method”?
We do not sterilize, we do not let the wound dry.
The result is the healing with “less pain”, “quick” and “less scar”.

We do not sterilize wound

Sterilizer is a poison to kill germs. It also kills human cells thus damaging the wound and delay the healing process. It also arouses more pain. Also, the germs once killed on the skin come back to life in one hour. Therefore, it may sound odd but actually sterilizing wound is “Nothing but harmful”.

Instead of sterilizing we recommend cleaning the wound with water

It will not heal well if there are foreign objects such as sand, stain or dust in the wound. Wash away and clean the wound with water and get rid of the foreign objects. Cleaning with water is by far more important than sterilizing.

Prevent wound from drying up

When the wound is dry it will disturb the natural healing component (cell growth factor) to spread over the wound and delay the healing process. Also, when it is dried glued to gauze, it may peel off the healing skin together when taking the gauze off. You might notice yellow liquid after keeping the wound moist. The liquid is not pus. It is the cell growth factor that helps wound to heal.

Low Carbohydrate Diet

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